Brand: Cuttwood Reimagined Series

Product Code: cuttwood-e-liquids-reimagined-series-my-von-erl-liquidpods-manic-mint-2-pack-0mg

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Ice Cold Peppermint with a twist as only Cuttwood could reimagine.

2 pack of ePods for use with the My. Von Erl Vaporizer

Von Erl creates a new category in the vaping market with its new My. Von Erl. The great vaping performance of an e-cigarette combined with the modern design of a cigalike. The 350 mAh battery guarantees a great vaping performance. The My. Von Erl Liquidpods (eJuice) for this e-cigarette give you an intense vaping pleasure with the great taste of Cuttwood.  The Liquidpods are already filled with eLiquid and are easy to change. The ease of use makes this product not only fun to use, but it also makes it easy to pop out the pod and put in another pod, and then switch back again, if you choose.  No mess. No cleaning.